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Chairman Message

SBL has its OWN CULTURE which has been nurtured and developed during last five years. Hard work is the result of its growth and retention of customer’s satisfaction. Transparency is prevalent in its every activity. Technology up-dation is taking place without any iota of hesitation. This organization is totally dependent on human skills and hence employee development is very essential. This is achieved through proper Training and Development. There is no compromise in achieving technology change and client satisfaction. The aim of the Management is to bring all units of SBL under one umbrella of core culture i.e.

CLIENT SATISFACTION is our prime goal. To achieve this, we develop a strong Corporate Culture that ensures client satisfaction. Quality Excellence is achieved through continuous improvement in our systems and values. We build up our work culture by practicing zero compromise in each and every action .We will deliver to our clients, products and services conforming to clearly established requirements. We give Training to provide knowledge and skills that enhance our efforts. All efforts shall be aggressively pursued by the Management to achieve TOTAL QUALITY.

Mr. Bhagirath Singh
Managing Director
SBL Construction Private Limited